3D Henna

Artist Statement

A Visual Journey

I am one of those people who refuse to let go of their childhood self. I always find myself connecting the present to past memories. By focusing on my childhood, I am interested in digging back into those past experiences and bringing them back to life through art. Being able to convert a simple memory that only exists in your head into the complex life of the present, is a fascinating process for me. I enjoy the clash between the past and the new experience that emerges in the present as a result. My childhood past offers me a new dimension to investigate in my present work. As far as medium, I like to think about the "what" before the "how". As an artist, I find it liberating being able to choose from the infinite mediums and create our own, to translate our thoughts into reality.environment, and cultures around the world. Their pieces embody some of their own life experiences, which has led them to work with leading artists and clients around the world to assist with specific works.

My Henna project, for instance, consists of exploring the medium in multiple ways. My childhood obsession of Henna led me to develop a body of work addressing the fetishistic issues inherent in this material. It consists of the action of applying Henna on the hand a hundred times, and thus, push the physicality of the material onto another level.
Today, I have acquired additional knowledge about the cultural, medical and superstitious heritage of Henna, and I am building a body of work which combines graphite drawings with Henna tattoo designs. I am interested in the tension that is created between the 2D graphite drawings and the 3D thickness of the Henna applied on top of it.